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The Livonia Civic Chorus welcomes men and women who love to sing
to come and sing with us.
Below are answers to questions that singers seeking out a chorus often ask:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long has the chorus been around?

The Livonia Civic Chorus was founded in 1965 under the sponsorship of the Livonia Department of Parks and Recreation by a group of individuals that wanted to foster and share their joy of singing with the community. (Read more about our

Who may join?

The requirements for membership are simple; you need only have a love of singing. The Livonia Civic Chorus is a mixed adult chorus that welcomes all comers. We are truly a community chorus, made up of a wonderful and diverse group of men and women representing all ages and all walks of life. If you are looking for an avenue to share your singing talents, we want to extend you a warm invitation to become a member of our chorus.

Do I have to be a resident of Livonia to join?

No. The chorus accepts and has members from many different communities from all over Southeast Michigan area.

Are auditions required to join the chorus?

An informal placement audition is all that is required to join the Livonia Civic Chorus. Once part of the group, other optional auditions are held for solo and ensemble parts. These are great opportunities for those who wish to really highlight their vocal talents and/or really like to ham it up on stage.

What level of choral music experience is required?

Membership in the chorus is open to singers of all levels and choral backgrounds, novice and experienced alike. There is no need for you to have had formal musical training. We encourage you to join whether youíve sung in choirs all your life or whether you are more of a closet warbler whose done mostly private performances in the shower.

What if I canít read music?

So you canít read a note? Thatís O.K. Music reading skills are certainly a plus, but not required. You will be given a learning CD of your part to help you learn your songs. And the more experienced members are always ready to help you out.

Where and when does the chorus rehearse?

We rehearse on Tuesday nights from 7:30-9:30 pm at Frost Middle School in Livonia. The school is located at 14041 Stark Rd, near the Livonia YMCA. (
Map) The chorus usually begins rehearsals for the fall season the first week of September and goes until the first or second week of December. Rehearsals for the spring season usually begin the second week of January and end in mid-May. There are typically some additional special rehearsals just before each concert. Also, individuals singing in special solo and/or ensemble pieces may be expected to come early or stay late on rehearsal nights to practice their pieces.

When and where does the chorus perform?

We have 2 major concerts each year. A Christmas concert usually held in mid- December and a Spring concert that is normally held in mid-May. These concerts are performed at local venues. In addition to these concerts, our chorus generally does ďminiĒ performances around the community. During the holidays, for example, the LCC traditionally participates in the community sing-along at the annual city tree-lighting ceremony at City Hall; we are an annual feature at Greenmead Historical Village, and we make appearances at local shopping malls. A smaller group of volunteers also does concerts for retirement home residents and other groups in the surrounding area.

What are rehearsals like?

The chorus aims to foster a positive social atmosphere and fulfilling vocal experience. Rehearsals are friendly, supportive and enriching. We are an enthusiastic group that works hard and laughs often! At each rehearsal we devote most of the time to singing, but also include a snack break to allow time for members to become better acquainted. It makes for a wonderful place to meet and sing with your neighbor.

What kind of music does the LCC sing?

The Livonia Civic Chorus repertoire covers a wide variety of musical selections. We sing old and new, familiar and not so familiar songs. Our library of music includes stirring classical arrangements, lively Broadway show tunes, rock ní roll, international pieces, and even fun novelty numbers. The chorus has even done original songs written by some of our very talented chorus members.

Do members have to memorize the music?

Yes, chorus members are expected to memorize all concert pieces. It may seem daunting at first, but you can do it. Seasoned chorus members can provide all kinds of helpful hints.

Are there dues and/or other costs for membership?

Yes. Currently membership dues are $50 and must be paid at the start of each session. While basic materials such as music are provided, for new members concert wardrobe will have to be purchased. The cost for this is around $45 for the women and $75 for the men. We want the chorus to be accessible to all and we strive to keep costs to a minimum.

What is the concert attire?

Our formal concert attire consists of a long black gown for women and a black tuxedo for the men. Members obtain their own performance attire, but they are available through the chorus at a very reasonable price. We also do performances in more casual dress and/or costumes. Usually other outfits used by the chorus consist of clothes most people will already have, or, if necessary, can be purchased relatively cheaply.

Who runs the chorus?

The Musical Director is responsible for the artistic and musical direction of programs performed by the chorus. The overall business and administrative operations of the chorus are conducted by willing and dedicated chorus members who are elected each year by the full membership to serve as our board of directors. Other members help out by volunteering their skills and talents with such things as stage management, scene design, construction, costumes, publicity, etc. The Livonia Civic Chorus relies on the voluntary efforts of its members to contribute to the functioning of the group.

What other activities are available to LCC members?

Sometimes our chorus gets involved in a special cooperative project whereby we combine our voices with another local community chorus for a special singing engagement. Occasionally LCC members are also offered opportunities to attend a local seminar or to go away as a group for a weekend retreat. Such retreats include intensive music learning with a vocal coach specialist, mixed with an equal amount of fun. Our music director works hard to find opportunities for us to enrich our singing experience, and to help us discover and develop our singing talents and abilities as individuals and as a group.

Why should I join?

Weíve got 10 great reasons for you. To see them click

When can new members enroll in the chorus?

The best time to join is at the beginning of a season, which would be in September or January. However, new singers are always welcome. Should you join us as a new member at mid-season, you simply work your way into the concert schedule.

How do I become a member?

Joining is easy. Come to a rehearsal or two. You are welcome to just watch or grab some music and start singing. If you like the chorus, ask for a registration form, fill it out, pay your dues and you're in!

What if I have further questions?

We are always happy to answer questions. If you need more information, click

Top 10 Reasons to Join the Livonia Civic Chorus:

  1. The Creation of beautiful harmonies that comes when you combine your voice with others
  2. The Camaraderie youíll feel working with like-minded people who love to sing
  3. The Connections youíll make with new friends and neighbors
  4. The Contentment youíll realize from engaging in something you love
  5. The Confidence and competence that youíll gain as you nurture your vocal skills
  6. The Creative stimulation youíll encounter when you engage in chorus activities
  7. The Contribution youíll make to the chorus and community by sharing your time and talents
  8. The Cultural enrichment that youíll cultivate through musical expression
  9. The Celebration of community youíll be a part of with each choral performance
  10. The Contagious smiles youíll help spread when the public hears us sing!

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